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DKANE 29/11/2015
Alex and Rory Moloney, Douglas with an elf in Santas workshop at the Cuskinny Cork North Pole Outpost It is a little known fact that Santa Claus has a North Pole Outpost located in County Cork – in fact, Santa arrived at Cuskinny Court near Cobh today and opened the doors of The Cork North Pole Outpost Experience to all the boys and girls waiting. Set deep in the woods on the Great Island near Cobh, Santa will visit the Cork North Pole Outpost every day from the end of November right up to the day before Christmas Eve. Set in a private 17 acre estate deep in the woods, children will catch the Elf Express from the hidden Elf station in Cuskinny, from there they will be guided through the busy Elf Outpost, visit the Elf Workshop, help the busy Elves prepare for Christmas Eve – and of course visit Santa Claus. The Elf Express runs daily from 29 November at Cuskinny Court to the Cork North Pole Outpost.