ASD Friendly Day

At the Cork North Pole Outpost we want to make sure everyone can experience the magic

This year our ASD Friendly times are December 11th from 3pm and December 12th from 7.15pm


Bookings for these times can only be made on our booking line, call us at 021 2428868 or email

We do the following to ensure we make our experience more autism friendly:

  • The elves will have a booklet to print and prepare you for your visit. We encourage you to bring this with you on the day
  • Each room will have the name of the room on the door
  • We use soft lights and no flashing or flickering lights
  • We keep all music to a low level
  • We will have no open lit fires in the house
  • We reduce the noise level of the elves in the experience and in each room
  • We allow more time for groups to transition to the next room
  • Our elves will be briefed to accommodate each group
  • We are focusing less on the script and more on the interaction – however there still will be some script and elves will be in character all the way through the experience.
  • We will take information on your needs at the booking stage
  • All guide and assistance dogs are welcome, however if a member of your party is nervous around dogs please let us know and we will ensure that any service dogs are not in the same group.
  • We limit all of our groups to no more than 25 people. Groups are only larger if a group requests to be together. In these cases we make the person booking aware of our ideal group size.

Do you have any questions for queries?
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